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Updated: Jan 11, 2021

When you are ready to reclaim the health of your hair, going natural is likely your best option. Many would recommend growing your hair under a wig or other hair piece, but Ayanna encourages the Big Chop as a Natural Beauty Transformation.

To Cut or not to Cut?

Many glam naturalistas are living #thecutlife after The Big Chop with their #twa. The Big Chop is a bold way to start anew, reclaiming your authentic self with an unadulterated clean beauty look. Light skincare and natural makeup complement the Big Chop well. Adding a fresh and fierce seasonal blonde or red haircolor to brighten your skin tone or highlight the unique hue in your eye is a most confident and becoming way to handle your Natural Beauty Makeover.


Get familiar with how to use Curling Mousse and a lightweight gel. These are your best friends at the short stage. Don't be afraid to brush a small amount of gel through your hair and create texture in your TWA with mousse.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Wash and Conditioner your hair Weekly.

  2. Deep Condition bi-weekly.

  3. Apply Exotic Botanicals Hair Growth Elixir and massage scalp thouroughly. (Try using the Inversion Method to stimulate the follicles)

  4. Use a Curl Enhancing Mousse to bring out the texture in your hair. Use your fingers in round movements to create curls and texture.

  5. Use a quarter sized dollop of lightweight gel. Rub it into the hair to set the curls in your TWA.

  6. Sit under a Hooded Dryer to lock in texture.

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