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Afro Curly Hair Services

We specialize in Afro Curly hair care services and styling.  Starting from your bi-annual blowout and trim, to your length-check silk press, we color, steam, deep condition, restore, and style naturally textured loose wavy, curly, and coily hair. 

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Braided Styles

We offer Braiding styles for those who admire the beauty of Box braids, Tribal Cornrows, Marley Twists, Havana Twists, Soul Twists, Distressed Faux Locs, Butterfly Locs, and much more.  Bring your braid and loc adornments for the full service finishing touch.

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Loc Services

We specialize in deadlock haircare and maintenance From your annual deep cleansing loc bath to deep conditioning hot oil and scalp therapy, we use the palmrolling, interlocking, and crochet techniques to maintain healthy, polished, and freshly styled locs. We also offer custom coloring, extensions and reattachments to any size dreadlocks as well.

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Protective Styles

For natural ladies that prefer a bit of length with a low maintenance healthy protective style to promote length retention, Exotic Textures Virgin Hair gives you blendable options to wear-- our sophistocated Exotic Body Wave, Exotic Deep Curl, Exotic Glam Wave, Exotic Kinky Curl, Exotic Kinky Coil. 

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