Frequently Asked Questions

What Form of Payment Do you Accept?

For your convenience, we accept Cash, Credit, Apple Pay and Cash App. We charge tax for both services and retail.

Do you Have Wi-Fi?

Wifi is available in the Salon. The xfinity network is available and free to all at this time.

Do you Accept Walkins?

Yes, walk-ins are welcome. However, it is best to call and see when you can be fit into the schedule. Appointment booked online have priority, of course. We want to be respectful of every guests' time. So whenever possible, please book online. If you want a same day appointment, please call to check availabiity.

Do you have Children's Pricing?

We do not serve children under the age of ten. Therefore, there is not a children's pricing schedule.

Do you Have to Cut off all your Hair to Start Locs?

No. We can start locs on any texture or transitioning texture.

Do you have to cut off all your hair to go Natural?

No. You can transition into natural styling using protective styles, silk press, or rod sets. The big chop is an excellent option when your confortable with the length of your new growth. Our Natural Beauty Transformation incorporates natural styling such as coils or wash and go on your TWA (teeny weeny afro) to accentuate your new textured look.

How long does my Hair have to be to get Locs?

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Do you provide the Hair for Loc Extensions service at the Install?

The cost of the hair for the loc extensions is included in the service price. When you book the loc extensions service, you will be billed 30% upfront and receive a confirmation call to confirm the color, size and length of your desired look. If you have questions about loc extensions, please book a consultation.

Do you need an Appointment for Consultation?

Yes, please book all consultations online. Consultation fees will be deucted from final service rendered.

Do you do Sisterlocks?

Yes, Ayanna is a Sisterlocks Consultant.

Can I get my Hair done at Exotic Textures even if my hair isn't natural or naturally curly?

You may come in for any style within our wheel house, regardless of your hair texture. However, it will be your stylists' discretion to inform you if, as natural hair experts, your style desired style is one best rendered with us.

Do you provide the hair for my Sew-in service?

Pricing does not incude bundles, yet you will receive 10% off of your install when you order TWO or more Exotic Texture Blends Virgin Hair bundles in advance.

Do you provide the hair for my braiding service?

Braidng services do NOT include hair.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Appointments booked online have a 50% cancellation charge if cancelled within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment. If there is an emergency and you need to cancel, please call if possible.