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Our Key Ingredients



Papaya is the superior botanical ingredient in the Exotic Botanicals Hair CareSystem and Skin Nectar Collection.  The papaya seed offers nutritive and regenerative properties that promote a healthy balanced scalp, reduces dandruff, and stimulates hair growth!!  Papaya is known to moisturize and soften both the hair and skin.  



Coconut oil is known to add shine and soften hair, but it also helps minimize and control frizz.  Ideal for treating dryness or healing damaged cuticles and split ends, coconut oil also reduces protein loss in all hair types.  Coconut is one of our pillar botanicals because of its restorative properties.



Honey, commonly known for its viscosity; honey's emollient texture offers extended moisture, nutrient penetration and sealant properties.  Infusing Honey in our Hair System ensures that your natural hair and locs will maintain elasticity and reduce breakage as well.


Aloe vera is a tropical botanical rich in nutrients, anti-inflammatory properties, with gel-like viscosity that seals in its benefits.  Aloe vera helps balance the scalp, reduce itchiness, and enriches the hair with Vitamins A, C, E which promotes healthy cell turnover and shine in the hair cuticle and Vitamin B12 reduces shedding at the hair follicle.  Aloe vera is one of our key ingredients for sealing in organic nutrients and hold.

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