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Featured in Mar/Apr 2014 Black Hair Sophistocates!

Ayanna is an AVEDA trained Natural Hair Care Expert, Master Loctician, and Beauty Advisor for Motives Mineral Cosmetics.

"I have a passion for world culture and urban beauty.  I specialize in Dreadlocks and Natural Hair because it speaks to the essence of who I am and loving my God-given beauty." 

Ayanna started as Merchandiser for Black Earth Products and became certified as a Natural Hair Specialist through Taliah Waajid’s Natural Hair Training in 2009. Believing that “Experience is the best Teacher," Taliah Waajid encouraged Ayanna to begin working for herself and start her business as soon as she could.

Ayanna specializes in the versatility of natural hair at all lengths with chemical free styling techniques.  We are proud to offer specialized natural hair care services for textures– from curly to kinky, protective styles, braided styles, mini dreadlocks to extra large dreadlocks and all of their extensions. 

Ayanna is a trusted healthy hair care professional; yet, our vision also encompasses the Beauty, Skincare and Home Spa experience. We have launched the Exotic Botanicals Hair Care and Home Spa collections to bring an immersive approach to self love and self care with lush, nutritive organic formulas for Natural Hair and Dreadlock care, as well as luxuriously rich skincare and soaps formulas, oils, and body butters.  Among our products are our hair extensions collection Exotic Textures Virgin Hair Extensions featuring a varieties of glamorous hair extensions textures. 

When you sit in my chair, my mission is to provide the professional AVEDA experience while beautifying your natural hair or dreadlocks with a fresh and fashionable cut, color, and/or style.  Offer you advice on your natural hair or dreadlock journey and products to support your routine at home. I want you to have a comprehensive customer service experience; for that, I have become very popular through my signature Loc Styles and Updos. Moreover, I am your Atlanta-area Sisterlocks and Brotherlocks Consultant.

Ayanna’s education includes AVEDA Hair Schools, the Sisterlocks Consultant course, Fort Lauderdale, FL (2010).

Continually embracing client needs, Ayanna completed The Makeup Artist Workshop in Hollywood, CA with Veronica Lane.


We also offer brow and lash services as a part of the natural beauty transformation. Our Mini Makeup Bar is always open for lessons and custom foundation blends.  This service is to encourage and extend the Natural Beauty Makeover while developing your makeup techniques for daily wear makeup and lashes. Ayanna is also available for bridal styling and makeup, as well as photo shoots.  We host monthly Motives Mineral Cosmetics parties as well to introduce makeup techniques, Exotic Botanicals Spa Collection and skincare.

I look forward to expanding my skill in the beauty industry while freelancing for shows, bridal, and other personal bookings. I have worked with celebrities such as rappers Ca$h Out, 6Figure Twizz, Walt Trab, and Desean Thompson of GoLegit Entertainment; Pete Simmons, drummer Pete of Sade’s international tour band, and Atlanta native pro-football player Xavier Glenn.

I’m calling my Natural Kings and Queens out to Exotic Textures Natural Hair Studio.

For the love of Culture and Urban Beauty,


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