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Queen, Your Wash Day Had Me in a Chokehold

by Letrice Gholson 29 Jun 2023

I specifically developed the Exotic Botanicals Hair Care and Home Spa Collection for your Self Care Day. Sis, I’m all about having time to relax, rejuvenate, and reset. So after I wash my  hair and have done all that detangling and stressing about shedding and length, I want to sit  down and enjoy a nice deep condition and steamy hot bath. What could be nicer that a  Steamy Bath with some Smooth Jazz, Florals and Herbs for relaxation and rejuvenation? How  about a curating your aromatherapy experience with a Luxurious Spa Candle and Bath Salts.  

Take down your previous style. Take the time to Shampoo and Condition your Hair. But then  you need to detangle and soften that natural hair. So now is the time to Focus on you and your  Mental Well-Being. It’s time to Escape into your Own Spa oasis.  

Step One: Deep Condition and Detangling  

After you have cleansed your hair and detoxified your scalp with the Papaya Honey Coconut  System, you can instant condition to restore some moisture and slip. But now it is time to  Detangle.  

Detangle with your Fingers or a Wide tooth comb. Many find that finger detangling first helps  to identify smaller knots so that you avoid ripping them away with the comb. Once you have  done the bulk or your detangling by hand, saturate your hair with the Papaya Honey Coconut  Deep Moisture Conditioner and comb or brush through with a Detangling Brush.  

Step Two: Run a Hot Bath and Dampen a Towel for your Deep Conditioner treatment.  

While you are working on Detangling, run a Hot Bath. Run the water as hot as you can bear to  step into. Once you have completed your first round of detangling with Fingers and have  finished the second round of detangling with Wide Tooth Comb or Detangling Brush, dampen a  medium sized towel in the hot bath. 

Wring out the excess water. The goal is for this towel not to drip water, but trap in moisture  from your conditioning treatment and help the nutrient penetration with heat application. Wrap  that hair up in a hot towel starting with the mid section of the towel around the back of your  head. Wrap the towel around toward the front, bring the two sides around to the forehead and  roll or tuck that in securely.  

Step Three: Add your Aromatherapy Elements  

Pour your Bath Salts into a Hot Bath to begin with opening your pores. Release stress and  breathe deeply to seek mental clarity. Allow your Floral Bath Salts to dissolve and create the  atmosphere. Add your florals. Rose petals, Dried citrus, dried calendula, lavender oil all create  the escape you're seeking. 

Light one of our Exotic Botanicals’ Luxury Candles. For your enjoyment, you can expect my  100% Soy Candles to burn up the 68 hours with intense tropical fragrances to enhance the  ambiance. Set the mood for your Home Spa oasis with fruity Pink Guava candle that  expresses notes of ……. Or the Exotic Nights candle that is reminiscent of a Veviter men’s  cologne. Night Flower fragrance blooms with floral scents of jasmine…… while the most  romantic of the scents is the Black Amber Lavender. 

Step Four: Care for your Face  

But before I step in to my Bath, spend time caring for my face. This is an excellent time to  apply the Skin Nectar Clarify Face Wash and Mask. 

The Skin Nectar Clarifying Face Wash is going to cleanse and refresh your skin, preparing your  pores for a steam  

Step Five: Sink into Bliss  

Step into your customized steamy hot (now steamy warm) Spa Bath. And enjoy!! 

I envision you have spent time working and managing your busy life and its time to Wash your  Hair, and Reset for Your Family-oriented weekend or you are in Preparation for a New Lap in  your Marathon. When you Wash Your Hair, it doesn’t have to be a the worst chore.  

Wash Day should be Home Spa Day— that appointed time you spend on Self-Care.    


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