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Protective Styles

by Letrice Gholson 29 Jun 2023

Who doesn’t LOVE a good protective style??!! Curlfriend, you may ask— and just what is a  protective style? Well, I’m here to tell you.  

A protective style is any long term style that locks in moisture and minimizes daily manipulation  with thermal styling to encourage hair growth and guard from breakage.  

Protective styles can include and are not limited to braid and twists styles, crochet braids, sew in weaves, or even wigs. Protective styles are great for vacationing, transitioning your permed  or damaged hair, or for seasonal low maintenance. 

There is no shade in wearing your Afro between protective styles— doing a length check, deep  condition, and trim before you braid it back down and let your crown grow some more. There  is no shade in wearing a sew-in to blend your natural texture or silk press for 3 months to grow  out last summers pixie cut. 

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