Human Hair is included with AyannaLocs Loc Extensions.

 AYANNALOCS™ Dreadlock Extensions



Loc Extensions (Face framed)


Loc Extensions (Shoulder length)


Loc Extensions (Mid-Back)


Loc Styles

$20.00 and up

Loc Updos

(Bridal Styles for Locs- see gallery)

$25.00 and up (if adorned)

Full Saturation Color

(roots to tips) + free trim

$40.00 and up


(Highlights, Roots Only,

Gray Coverage etc.)

Request Consulation

Regular Loc Maintenance

(Starter locs +$15)


Interlock Maintenance

(Starter Interlocks +$35)


Sisterlocks™ Package

(4′ in and shorter) 


Sisterlocks™ Package

(7′ in and shorter)


Sisterlocks™ Retightening

$125.00 flat fee

Loc Repairs

$25 per section of 5-7 locs

Loc Weaves and Bridges

(for thinning and balding spots - includes the bridge technique and the loc extensions)

$250.00 per section

Scalp Treatment (add-on)

Protects from Dryness and itchiness


Deep Conditioning (add-on)

Restores brittle hair, prevents breakage


Hydration Therapy (add-on)

Penetrating Hair Repair Mask + Moisture


Thinning and Breakage Treatment (add-on)

Prevents shedding and promotes growth